• Sunarta Sunarta STTAL
  • I Nengah Putra A Indonesia Defense University Unhan
  • Cucuk Wahyudianto STTAL
  • Muhammad Husni Afandi STTAL


The Indonesian Navy is one elements of the Indonesian nation which has the duty to maintain the unity and
unity of the Republic Indonesia. The Indonesian Navy requires a lot of equipment, defense equipment and
supporting equipment. Unmanned Tank Alutsita is one vehicle that can be used as a combat vehicle without
involving troop personnel in the tank that can be controlled remotely through wireless data communication. The
design of the location-based prototype tank autopilot control system is a research in answering for the
development of unmanned warfare technology. Prototype unmanned tank using GPS sensor bases, imu and
compass determining the location, orientation and direction of the prototype. The application of the compass as
an evaluation of the tank bow course error towards the direction of the destination, while GPS is used as a
parameter for determining the location of the destination location. The combination of the two sensors is used
as a base information on the control system on autopilot. From the results of tests that have been carried out
obtained manual control systems and autopilot in accordance with the itinerary that has been made. The vehicle
tank can respond in real time to any location and direction errors, so that corrections can be made to reach the
destination correctly. Weather problems become a barrier factor in getting location data from GPS. During the
test in sunny conditions obtained control results with a location error factor of less than 5 meters.
Keyword : Prototype, control, autopilot

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Prototype, control, autopilot